Steven George Clark


" When creating sculptures, my mind does the design, my heart infuses the passion, and my hands do the talking  "

- Steven George Clark


To be inspired by someone or somethink, is a natural phenomenon that we possess, but to inspire to be someone that you admire will only hold you back from what you want to achieve in life. I am inspired by many great sculptors, but I never want to be them. I have my own Ideas, my own passion and how I want to infuse this in to  my sculptures. The one living plant that gives me true inspiration, that allows me to create beautiful sculptures, is nature. The tree with its curvaceous roots and branches, to the vain coloured leaves, there is no doubt that this is a master phenomenon in design.

" Nature is the creator,

I just do the fine tuning "

The roots of creativity
- Steven George Clark
Steven George Clark

The Sculptor

Steven is not just a sculptor, but an artist that captures an exclusive  moment of passion and infused this in to his sculptures. 

Steven was born and grew up in the North East of England, where urban and city life where all Steven knew until his late teens early 20’s where he moved north to Northeast Scotland.


Steven 42, is a self taught contemporary wood sculptor and his aesthetic aspirations are headed towards highlighting the beauty of nature contrasted by industrial elements. In his artwork Steven reflects on his personal experience of the mentality of urban and city living, the need of control and human impact on nature, versus self-sufficient beauty of natural forms and materials such as the composite of the tree. 

Steven has been featured in Issue 52 of the Art Market Magazine  and also Luxemburg Art Prize 2020. 

Have you every want a sculpture that has a beautifully rustic feel, a bit of history, a sculpture that naturally grown. Steven George Clark Sculptures can give you that sculpture.  


Empty Heart by Steven George Clark