Steven George Clark


" When creating sculptures, my mind does the design, my heart infuses the passion, and my hands do the talking  "

- Steven George Clark


: "the process of being mentally stimulated to do or feel something, especially to do something creative".

My true inspiration, that allows me to create beautiful sculptures, is nature. The tree with its curvaceous roots and branches, to the vain coloured leaves, there is no doubt that this is a master phenomenon in design.

As the tree grows from seed, it take on this very beautiful but complex structure in wood grain, called wood cell fibres. this allow the tree have have nay shapes, and courses, which in turn gives you very different hard and softwood, and long with beautiful wood grain patterns, Because of these amazing properties, this is why I am a natural wood sculptor, bring trees back to life.  

The roots of creativity

" Nature is the creator,
            I just do the fine tuning "

- Steven George Clark

The Sculptor

Steven is not just a sculptor, but a sculptor that captures an exclusive  moment of passion and infused this in to his sculptures. 

Steven George Clark

I was born and grew up in the North East of England, where urban and city life where all I knew until my late teens early 20’s where I moved north to Northeast Scotland.


I am 44, and a self taught contemporary wood sculptor and my aesthetic aspirations are headed towards highlighting the beauty of nature contrasted by industrial elements. In my Sculptures, I reflect on my personal experience of the mentality of urban and city living, the need of control and human impact on nature, versus self-sufficient beauty of natural forms and materials such as the composite of the tree.  I focus on the natural elements of the tree and it's beauty, with a element of industrialism to focus on the damage that is taking place.

Have you every want a sculpture that has a beautifully rustic feel, a bit of history, a sculpture that naturally grown. Steven George Clark Sculptures can give you that sculpture.  


Empty Heart by Steven George Clark