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Broken Wing

A new life, with it's spalted impressions and it's sweeping curvaceous embrace. A mix of coloured grain makes this sculpture come alive. 

Natural wood Sculpture Broken Wing

Applewood on Elderwood

Composed with Rebar

122 x 32 x 55


Natural Wood Sculpture Broken Wing - Foundation

Apple wood  are the foundations of Broken wing, supporting the new life of which I created.

Swirls of the exotic

The Centre piece of this sculpture the wing, with the dancing swirls of wood fibres.

Broken Wing - Swirls of the Exotic
Natural Wood Sculptures Broken Wing - Fibres Unite
Fibres Unite

As I designed this sculpture, it was important to me  that it looked from any angle that the sculpture look alive, and I think I captured this by the sweep curves in to the main body as fibres unite

Exotic constitution 

I beautiful Composing sculpture that sweeps and swirls, and dazzles with colour and touch, that why I created an exotic constitution.

Natural Wood Sculpture Broken wing - Exotic Constitution


It's easy to see why this beautiful piece is easy on the eyes, with it's sweeping curves  and luscious colours, as it sit proud on a striped piece of elder to compliments the craftsmaship and beauty .

Natural Wood Sculpture Broken Wing  - Balletic Angel


Natural Wood Sculpture Broken Wing  - Statusque

Grain by grain, line by line, the formation is effortless to the eyes, a smooth refined surface combines with the elegance of colours.


Have you ever wanted a sculpture that has a beautifully rustic feel, a bit of history, a sculpture that naturally grown. Steven George Clark Sculptures can give you that sculpture.  

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All Sculptures come with a Certificate of Authenticity