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With it's silver lining running down it's edge,  Silver Birch torso and carved base, it's revolutionary that chesterfield has a place 

along side it's British Icon.


Natural Wood Sculpture Chesterfield

Silver Birch on Oak

composed with Rebar

36 x 22 x 62



Natural Wood Sculpture Chesterfield - Exposed Silver

Silvery white sapwood exposed against the clash of the dark rich colour of the bark.

 I allow the smooth texture of the sapwood to be touched, against the hardness of the bark, thus tingling the sense of nature.

You've heard of the metaphor for optimism, " every cloud has a silver lining", well this is the only sculpture with a silver lining, a true positive sculpture, with a history at it's side and a future to look forward too.

Natural Wood Sculpture Chesterfield - Silver Lining


Natural wood sculpture Chesterfield - Exclusive Silver

My though process  for this sculpture , was not only to show the external composition but to show all of the tree composition and the beauty it bestows inside and out 


Normally nature doesn't present us with what the tree is all about, we only see it's form, either in the woods or in manufacturing terms, never in a natural form,. I wanted to show the amazingly beautiful form it takes, locking each fibre, to create an amazing structure.

Natural Wood Sculpture Chesterfield - Natural Beauty


Natural Wood Sculpture Chesterfield - Carved Exellence

An oak base delicately hand carved to celebrate the international iconic chesterfield pattern. The base was once part of the friary pews in Dundee, Scotland but the city church bought the friary and started is renovations


Silver Light

Natural wood sculpture Chesterfield - Silver Light

A light falling on the silvery bark caress the eyes , feeds the passion that was given in this beautiful splendid creation.  The Back wraps around to the front torso of warm melting fibres. Glimmers of Silver light on top,  Craftsmanship, design and purification pays tribute to the British Icon Chesterfield.

Melting Moments

Designed, carved and perfected in a way that the sculpture interior falls like a waterfall of exquisite taste. Enjoy the moment , is it seduces your eyes, caress your fingertips as they run slowly over the smooth fine edges of delight.

Natural wood sculptures Chesterfield - Melting Moments