Friend or foe, the combination of Industrialism and Naturalism  together is an insertion of pure beauty. The rough edges of rebar transfuse through the smooth  contours of Oak.  Reach forth the roots of life, twist and turn seeking  a connection.

Fusion by Steven Geroge Clark

Oak on Oak Slab

Composed with Rebar

11 x 17 x 8


Natural Foundation
FUSION - Natural Foundation by Steven George Clark
Deluxe synthesis
FUSION - Deluxe Synthesis by Steven George Clark
Architectural Genius
FUSION - Architectual Genius by Steven George Clark
Structural Integrity 
FUSION - Structural Integrity by Steven George Clark

Roots are the foundation of natures trees, the complex  infrastructure that we take for granted, is do a job. Searching, feeding, sharing, talking in way we could not beginning to understand fully.

Naturalism vs industrialism that is the question? having lived in both urban and country living, I created a sculpture that allow this question to be explored, We could not live without nature, but we also could not advance without industry.

A tree roots is design to intake water and nutrients for it survival, in order to do this, the roots spread across the soil not down, therefore creating a root system that is strong, but is also sensitive.

The Natural wonder of the tree is a beautiful marvel in its design, An architectural genius in how it creates such patterns colours structures, for us to admire with ore.

A mark of excellence

{ Quercus robur }
European Oak

The deep colours of European Oak enriched with the carvings of superior  quality marked with a charred mark of excellence 


European Oak
{ Quercus robur }
Fusion - Golden Arches by Steven George Clark

The arch's of golden grain  embracing as they brush and entwine with each as they explore . 


All Sculptures come with a Certificate of Authenticity


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