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The Natural Wood Sculptor

My  inspiration comes from the living historical creation which is the tree. It  gives the mind a  banquet  of artistic thoughts which is essential when creating sculpture, from grow rings, to the bark, the wounds that healed and sometime didn't. The  web network of communication fibres under our feet when we walk in the wood..


When working with the art piece you go through the emotions when you eyes see the most beautiful wood colours, spalted grain, and your nose senses the smell of Applewood ,Beech or other species and best of all the history the tree was part of, I capture this and create natural wood sculpture  with a story to tell..

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Proudly Design and created in Great Britain

Sustainable Wood Sculptor

Been a wood sculpture, is it very important to me to make sure that I am reaching my target to be  100% sustainable, to help the environment and at the same time create beautiful natural sculptures with a story to tell.


Lets grow together

Steven George Clark