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The Natural Wood Sculptor


My Name is Steven George Clark, a self taught natural wood sculptor, creating natural wood sculpture in Scotland. My aesthetic aspirations are headed towards highlighting the beauty of nature contrasted by industrial elements. In my sculptures, I reflect on the impact we are having on the self-sufficient beauty of natural forms and materials such as the composite of the tree.  I focus on the natural elements of the tree and it's beauty, with a element of industrialism to focus on the damage that is taking place. I create natural sculptures to keep history of the tree alive, and help grow more trees in place where they once grew.

Galleries and Media

Steven George Clark is a natural wood sculptor, and  his word can now been seen in various media such a the International Artmarket Magazine, and Now showing in the Salon Deuxieme Exhibition

Finalists in the Planet Recovery Project. Steven has also took part in the Luxemburg Art Prize in 2020.

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Steven George Clark's  work is all created using the natural material that is of wood in it's natural form together with an industrial element.  Wood species include Silver Birch, Rowan, Applewood Oak, beech, Cherry and Holly.  Steven Sculpts Internal and external wood sculptures, which you can see in his social media as well as the online gallery