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Refund Policy

The customer has rights to be offered a refund within 7 day of purchasing of an Item from the date of receipt. Due to the nature of SGC Natural Wood Sculpture's , a swap for an item the same descriptions cannot be fulfilled due to these Art sculpture(s) are one-of-a-kind.

NOTE: Due to the customers environment, this may cause the wood to shrink and split, or if too moist, ma cause the wood to discolour, so it is important to keep the sculpture in a ambient condition, I can not be held responsible for any of these occurrences, as wood has a natural ability to shrink and grow accordingly.

Exchange Policy

However, if the customer would like to swap an art sculpture for another art sculpture, then the difference in price would have to made up or refunded in the same method as payed to the original and the customer would pay for return of the original item.  I cannot be held liable for consumers actions who are unable to return the Art within this time frame, I ask that you contact myself in advance should you require more time to return the art. 

Art must be returned in the same condition as it was purchase, I will not accept refunds or exchanges if the art Sculpture is damage, smell if toxins or any chemical cleaners have been used.  However, if the customer wishes the piece to be repaired, I can do this but will charge a small fee, based on how extensive the damage is.   

​Shipping Policy

All my sculptures will be carefully packaged and shipped with heavy packing to minimise movement of the item, and will be shipped within 3-7 working days after your purchase.
Sculptures can be purchased online, once you're order has been made I will put your receipt in with your sculpture for save keeping.


If you wish to get a closer look at the sculpture, I can record a video on email request .

Buyers will receive a signed certificate for authenticity, and all artwork is copyright protected.