The burls of luxury, a testimony to the phenomenal  architectural   design of nature.


Oak on Oak Slab

Composed with Rebar

11 x 17 x 8


SPRING -Majestic Beauty
Majestic beauty
SPRING - Unknotted
Embellishment of Temptation
SPRING - Fibres of Diversity
Fibres of diversity
SPRING - Establishment of Temptation
SPRING - Blissfully Silent
Blissfully Silent

When I created this sculpture I  missed spring through Covid lockdown , this inspired me to create something that is just as beautiful as spring itself, with the Oak burls, complimenting the smooth knitted fibres. 

Spring, is beautiful with the burls and grain, but what make this stand out from others is the uniqueness of the addition of natural decoration.

With the bark still talking, and the burls and swirls of unknotted joy, allows you to  appreciating  a natural wonder in design.

Spring is a time for new life,  a  time for reflection, This sculpture is no different. This sculpture captures the moment where fibres change for new life, a diverse life, yet still naturally beautiful.

The sweep slope of silence, carries away the fibres of joy, to allow calmness in a time of chaos.

Nature's Composition

European Oak
{ Quercus robur }

The oak Burls show natures scar's of history, beautiful lines fall in to the delicate flow of  caramel fibres.


European Oak
{ Quercus robur }

Deep amongst the strands of honeyed grain  is  the scar antiquity , a dancing plectra of burls.

SPRING  - Antiquity by STev en George Clark