The burls of luxury, a testimony to the phenomenal  architectural   design of nature.

Oak on Oak Slab

Composed with Rebar

11 x 17 x 8


SPRING - Establishment of Temptation
Blissfully Silent
Majestic beauty
Embellishment of Temptation
Fibres of diversity
SPRING - Blissfully Silent
SPRING -Majestic Beauty
SPRING - Unknotted
SPRING - Fibres of Diversity

Nature's Composition

{ Quercus robur }
European Oak

The oak Burls show natures scar's of history, beautiful lines fall in to the delicate flow of  caramel fibres.


{ Quercus robur }
European Oak

Deep amongst the strands of honeyed grain  is  the scar antiquity , a dancing plectra of bruls.