" As a sculptor , I strive to keep my sculptures as pure as they grew in the ground, and that means it is important where I source my wood ".

Wood Source

To me it is very important where I source my wood, because keeping our forests is what this planets requires. The world loses almost six million hectares of forest each year to deforestation  amongst other factors which is why I source my wood from people who have trees in there  back garden that they have cut down, I save these trees from firewood, releasing carbon in to our already damaged environment.


Carbon Emissions 

Carbon Emissons

As a wood Sculptor, We have to be mindful of the carbon footprint we leave as Artists.  This why as a natural wood sculptor I use

 solar battery power for my tools, solar lights for night, and carbon natural fuels for heat, I then Reuse the ash in the garden to level out the PH in the soil for the trees to grow

Replant and Regrow

Replant and Regrow

I am passionate about our planet and the trees that keep us alive. Without them, this planet would not be as liveable like it is today. The sale of my sculptures are what help contribute to buying trees and plant them across the globe, for our children and children's children to enjoy the planet we leave behind.